HDPE Pipe, PE Pipe&Fittings for Water Supplying and Gas


Basic Info.

Material: HDPE  (PE80 or PE100)
Hardness:Hard Tube
Type:Thermoplastic Pipe
Color:Czarny z niebieskimi paskami dla wody lub żółtego koloru dla gazu.
Usage: Water Supply Pipe, gas pipe, dredging pipe
Trademark: SUNPLAST
Certificate: CE & BS6920
Kod HS:3917210000 do rur HDPE, 391740000 do łączników rur HDPE

Opis produktu


HDPE is resistant to many different solvents and has a wide variety of applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of Rury i kształtki z HDPE that are manufactured under advanced technological conditions using superior quality materials in compliance with set industrial norms. These pipes are widely appreciated for toughness, durability, easy installation and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The pipes are extremely easy to install due to the light weight and can also be joined very easily to any length at site.

The HDPE pipes and fittings are broadly used in various kinds piping solutions in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, duct and agricultural applications. For their unmatched quality and durability these can also be used above ground surface, buried, slip lined, floating, and sub-surface marine applications.


Specifications & Features:


  • Can carry potable water, wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes and compressed gases, with the greatest of ease

  • Can be used in the gas, oil, mining and other industries

  • Have the lowest repair frequency per kilometer per year

  • Znane ze swoich funkcji, takich jak silne, wyjątkowo wytrzymałe i trwałe

  • Provides trouble-free installation

  • Flexible, resistance to chemicals


Mechanical Properties


  • Long Term Resistance to Internal Pressure

  • High Tensile Properties

  • Good Flexural Properties

  • High Impact Strength

  • Excellent Flow Characteristics

  • Light Weight & Flexibility


Thermal Properties


  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • High Thermal Stability


Chemical Properties


  • Wysoka odporność na atak chemiczny

  • High Environmental Stress Cracking Properties

Other Properties


  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • Niski współczynnik tarcia

  • Odporny na życie zwierząt

  • Niska palność

  • Physiological Harmless

  • High Weather ability

Skontaktuj się z nami:

SUNPLAST brand HDPE pipes and fittings are free inspection products in our domestic market, due to the superior quality. Meanwhile, our HDPE pipes and fittings have been also exporting to more than 20 countries from worldwide. SUNPLAST promises our customers all of the HDPE pipes and fittings are made by top quality material, and can provide a warranty time in quality of 15 years for all.