PEX / EVOH Linia do produkcji przewodów z barierą tlenową / Pert / EVOH Maszyna do produkcji rur kompozytowych 3-warstwowa lub 5-warstwowa rura kompozytowa


Basic Info

  • Product Type:Plastic Composite Pipe

  • Screw No.:Single- screw

  • Automatyzacja: Automatyczna

  • Computerized:Computerized

  • Certification:CE

  • Dostosowane: dostosowane

  • Stan: nowy

  • Trademark:SUNPLAST

  • Opakowanie transportowe: miękki film z gąbką

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:84778

Product Description

EVOH oxygen barrier composite pipe extrusion machine/EVOH composite pipe production line

1) EVOH is shorten of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Polymer.With excellent performance EVOH oxygen barrier pipes are widely used in the radiator connector, cold hot water, floor heating and air-conditioning pipe, industrial pipe line, fire pipe line, marine pipe line and other fields.

 2)The composite pipe structures are three or five layer, and co-extruded by several extruders and co-extrusion die head, making the composite pipe bond firmly with precise size.

 3)Gravimetric material feeding system is to control material feeding according to pipe parameter & line production speed, to get high qualified pipe with constant weight per meter. It's also have other benefits, such as shortening start-up time, saving raw material, simplifying operation.

4) EVOH oxygen barrier pipes have many advantages, such as excellent non-permeability and scent preservation, good anti-ultraviolet ray and other radiations, which greatly enlarge pipe's lifespan and effectively avoid breeding of bacteria inner pipes.

5) Production line series: Three or five layer PB/EVOH, PERT/EVOH, PEX/EVOH, PPR/EVOH, and PA/EVOH etc.
Technical Data:

Line Model Screw Diameter L / D Pipe Size Prędkość EVOH Thickness
EVOH-65 Ф65/30mm 33/25:1 Ф 16-63 mm 12m/min 0.1-0.15mm