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Pure Raw Material LG Xl1800 Pex-a Heating Pipe


Szczegóły produktu

Basic Info

  • Materiał: PEX

  • Hardness:Hard Tube

  • Type:Thermosetting Plastic Pipe

  • Kolor: przezroczysty

  • Hollow:Hollow

  • Shape:Round

  • Usage:Floor Heating

Product Description

PE-RT Heating Pipe for Plumbing/Floor Heating System

Opis produkcji:
Name: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene)heating coil
Material: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene )
Place of Origin: Jilin China (Mainland)
Specyfikacja: 16 * 2.0, 20 * 1.9, 20 * 2.0, 25 * 2.3, 32 * 2.9
Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa ,2.5MPa
Color: transparent white or other colors as your request
Standard:  DIN8077/ 8078(German standard).  GB/T18992.2-2003 (National Standard)
Factory Certification:ISO; Bureau Veritas ; GB/T18992.2-2003 (National Standard)



Rura grzewcza PE-Xa





32 * 2.9

Features of PE-Xa Products:
1, Healthy, comfortable & sanitary: conforming to traditional health care principles, dispel inner cold and invigorate the circulation of blood as well as guarantee air fresh, no dust or dirty-flow.
2, Good heat stability: Ground warmth has no a sudden heating phenomenon, large area heat-accumulating in the ground, heat-dispelling slowing, hot insulation is good enough to keep the indoor warm even during the warm interval period.
3, High productivity& energy saving:The whole radiation heat loss very little, and heat concentrate on the main space of human height. High heat-using rate and saving about 30% energy compared to traditional Radiant Heat device.
4. Oszczędność miejsca użytkowania: oszczędność miejsca zamieszkania około 3% z powodu braku grzejnika lub widocznego ułożenia rur na ziemi. Wszystkie rury są zainstalowane i ukryte pod ziemią.
5. Economized & practical: save the cost of pipe decoration due to without pipes on the floor surface, saving the wastage and repair fees because its long using life can reach 50 years.
Application Domain:
1. warm-water heating pipe: residence, market, hotel, gym, hospital etc.
2, Hot-water heating system: common bathing pool, hot spring, indoor swimming poor.
3, soil warming& heating system: parking lots, power plant, square, road.
4, warm-water heating pipe for crops and livestock products.
5, rura przemysłowa: wymiennik ciepła, wężownica grzejna, rura przesyłająca ciecz.
Efekt ogrzewania grzejnika:
No crosslinked polyethylene material, the heating effect is scattered and wasteful, but pe-rt can be hot melted for the connection.
Efekt ogrzewania rur PE-Xa:
With crosslinked polyethylene material,the heating effect is concentrated and energy conservation.